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Official Freedom Trail Podcasts

Freedom Trail Foundation, with a generous sponsorship from the Massachusetts Teachers Association, has a podcast!

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Episode 1 – The Boston Massacre (49:02)
Featuring an audio reenactment of the Boston Massacre by Sam Jones & The Freedom Trail Players, an interview with Samantha Nelson of The Bostonian Society about the annual reenactment outside the Old State House, and an inverview with Professor Robert Allison of Suffolk University on the causes and aftermath of the Boston Massacre.
Episode 2 – Paul Revere’s Ride (45:19)
Featuring an audio reenactment of Paul Revere’s Midnight ride by Sam Jones & The Freedom Trail Players, an interview with Paul Revere biographer Jayne Triber, and an interview with Emily Holmes, Education Director of the Paul Revere House.
Episode 3 – James Otis & Early Revolution (45:02)
Featuring an audio play about patriot trailblazer James Otis titled "The Madness of James Otis", an interview with Director of Public History at the Bostonian Society Nat Sheidley on the life and rise of James Otis, and a statement from Superintendent Cassius Cash of the Boston National Historical Park regarding the new Visitor Center at Faneuil Hall.
Episode 4 – Battle of Bunker Hill (33:29)
Featuring an audio play on the Battle of Bunker Hill by Sam Jones & The Freedom Trail Players, and an interview with Distinguished Professor of History William Fowler (Northeastern University) on the significance of the Battle.

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