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The children from Mrs. Oldach’s third grade class at the Elmwood School made this pod cast as a followup to their visit to the Freedom Trail with a Freedom Trail Foundation 18th century guide.

Click on the topic you’re interested in and listen up!
Boston Common 1 (00:51) Download
Boston Common 2 (01:06) Download
Boston Latin School (01:05) Download
Boston Massacre (01:18) Download
Boston Massacre 2 (01:09) Download
Faneuil Hall (01:11) Download
Freedom Trail (01:10) Download
Granary Burying Ground (01:09) Download
Mother Goose (01:14) Download
New State House (00:59) Download
New State House 2 (00:57) Download
Old Burying Ground (01:26) Download
Old State House (00:51) Download
Park Street Church 1 (01:04) Download
Park Street Church 2 (01:04) Download
Sam Adams (00:31) Download
The Kings Chapel (01:02) Download
The State House (01:17) Download
The USS Constitution (01:00) Download
Weathervane (00:55) Download

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