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The Freedom Trail®

In the 1950’s concerned Bostonians were determined to preserve the story of the American Revolution as it began in Boston through preservation of 16 historically significant sites. These 16 sites are located along a unique 2.5 mile urban walking trail, marked with a bricked or painted red line.

Designated a Millennium Trail by First Lady Hillary Clinton in 2000, the Freedom Trail today is an integral part of the modern city and contributes tremendous economic value to Boston and the Commonwealth through education, tourism, and preservation programs.

As the Freedom Trail enters its second half century, it proudly celebrates that it has become the signature historic experience in New England — attracting over 4 million people annually — and has succeeded in preserving the story of the American Revolution and the ideals of freedom of speech, religion, government, and self-determination for all America.

Welcome to the Freedom Trail! You’ll want to visit every Freedom Trail site! Let us help you make your trip to Boston and Massachusetts easy to plan, presenting history and tours with plenty of things to do during your visit. Here’s some information about visitng the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom Trail® is a federally registered term and cannot be used without written permission.

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