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King’s Chapel Burying Ground

A fascinating historic cemetery, King's Chapel Burying Ground is located next to King’s Chapel on Tremont Street. King’s Chapel Burying Ground was Boston Proper’s only burying place for nearly 30 years. Older than the Granary Burying Ground, in fact, as old as Boston itself, King’s Chapel Burying Ground boasts such illustrious residents as John Winthrop, Massachusetts’ first Governor and Mary Chilton, the first woman to step off the Mayflower.

Most notable about this historic cemetery is Joseph Tapping’s stone in the front of the burying ground where a skeleton and Father Time battle over the eventuality of death.  It is Boston’s most beautiful headstone!

According to custom, the first interment in King’s Chapel burying ground was that of the land’s original owner, Isaac Johnson.  William Dawes, the “other” rider who dispatched to Lexington and Concord with Paul Revere is also buried here. King's Chapel Burying Ground is located on the Freedom Trail.

WHERE’S WILLIAM? While a tomb in King’s Chapel Burying Ground bears the name of Paul Revere’s fellow midnight rider William Dawes, it was recently discovered that Forest Hills Cemetery lists Dawes as having been interred in 1882 after being moved from the Boylston Street Burying Grounds. This practice of disinterring and reburying was not uncommon. For example, the fallen hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Dr. Joseph Warren, was originally buried at the Granary Burying Ground and was also moved to Forest Hills Cemetery.

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King’s Chapel Burying Ground
Tremont Street
Open Daily 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

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