Freedom Trail Preservation Fund

The Freedom Trail Foundation’s Preservation Fund was established in 2009 to help support preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and capital projects for official Freedom Trail historic sites. These projects help avoid, minimize or mitigate adverse effects of the elements and man-made wear and tear on these precious 17th- 18th- and 19th-century sites and enhance guests' experiences at the sites. Grants may be made as direct payments for projects, matching funds for grants initiated by Freedom Trail sites, or interest free-loans for capital projects.

Since its inception, the Preservation Fund has awarded over $450,000 to assist official Freedom Trail historic sites with necessary restoration and maintenance projects to help preserve Boston's treasures.  Freedom Trail sites engage in extensive independent fundraising efforts to raise sufficient funds from hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover annual  maintenance, restoration and capital improvements to millions of dollars for major capital campaign projects.  Therefore, many Preservation Fund-supported projects are made possible with other sources of funding in addition to the Freedom Trail Foundation's grants. 

If you would like to help protect and preserve these unique treasures, please make a donation to the specific Freedom Trail historic sites' or via the Freedom Trail Foundation.

Learn more about making a donation here.

Donations may also be made via mail to:
Freedom Trail Foundation
Preservation Fund
44 School Street, Suite 250
Boston, MA 02108

For more information, please call (617) 357-8300 extension 201.

Below please find a list of Preservation Fund-supported projects along the Freedom Trail.

Boston Common

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Central Burying Ground Gravestone Conservation - 2017

Broken marble and slate headstones and tomb plaques identification, missing fragments identification, removal from ground, prior repairs removal, and reattachment, including filling voids, casting extensions, grouting seams and resetting.  Headstones delaminating and scaling loose area adhesion using epoxy and grout fissures and seam capping with mortar.  Tomb plaques misplacment, location identificaton, relocation and resetting. All headstone resetting.

Granary Burying Ground

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Preservation and Protection Project - 2011
P​athway widening, new pathways, standing areas, post and chain fencing, tree pruning, and re-grading and re-seeding of grass areas.

Historic Fence and Entrance Restoration - 2014
Grand entryway restoration, granite wall repair and cleaning, 315-foot iron fence removal, restoration, and re-installation, and impressive gateway cleaning. Massachusetts Historical Commission's 38th Annual Preservation Award recipient, 2016.  ​

King's Chapel Burying Ground

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Landscaping Restoration Project - 2016​
Mutiple tree and shrubs removal and pruning to faciliate grass growth to help mitigate erosion, front entrance repair and front path widening, and bump out installation to decrease soil compaction.


Old South Meeting House

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Ceiling Restoration Project - 2016
Base and other paint layers removal, dating to 1899, using a full level of staging beneath the ceiling, ceiling and cornice removal, repair and restoration, and consolidant application to the entire surface.

Emergency Lighting System - 2017
New efficient and effective lighting system installation to secure a current City of Boston Place of Assembly permit, including former and obsolete system removal and replacement to ensure working emergency lighting for the safe evacuation. 

Energy Efficiency Project - 2017
New climate control system installation in order to effectively monitor and regulate the climate control and improve comfort, safety, performance and energy efficiency, large attic insulation project plan design and implementation using computer models of moisture levels to avoid potential moisture problems, and new gutter ice melt system installation to prevent icicles and ice dams.

Old State House

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South Façade Restoration - 2016
Third floor dormer window casings medning to prevent further weather damage to windows, window sills repair and glazing to protect interior plaster and finishes, and entrance column strenghthening to protect entranceway steps and surrounding masonry.

Revolutionary Roots Restoration Initiative - 2017
Environmental control enhancements, including sub-basement deterioration mitigation and window restoration, heating and cooling system rehabilitation including three new high efficiency gas boilers, upgrading four air-handlers, and replacing coils and valves, restroom refurbishment, and feasibility study to install entrance airlocks. 


Old North Church

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Steeple Restoration - 2013
Scaoffolding, sidewalk bridging, and suspending platform with debris netting installation.  Hand scraping and paint chip retention for the entire steeple and all painted surfaces above the brick as well as four louvers.  Loose, defective, or missing trim replacement and window repair and glazing.  Primer, caulk and paint application and as well as weathervance mast repair and paint application.

Captain Jackson's Colonial Chocolate Shop - 2013
Historic Clough House modification with interior expansion, including partition removal, floor patching, heating and cooling duct enhancement, crown molding and backer removal, lighting installation, and paint application. Exterior work included brick wall and existing metal fence removal, new corner wall and brick pavers installation, two existing granite steps resetting and new granite step installation.

Historic Paint Study Analysis - 2015
Scallolding installation, field research for paint analysis, including the exposure and partial recovery of an original cherub and neighboring festoons in a gallery arch painted in 1727, and the Building Conservation Associates documentation of paint sequences, paint samples lab analysis, archival evidence review of contractors' bills from church archives, including 19th - 20th-century photographs, and report and presentation preparation for public review.

Washington Garden Restoration - 2016
Substantial wall and masonry repairs, tree removal and reinstallation, raised planter installation including extensive landscaping material and water feature with a display of the poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride” to functon as an outdoor interpretive classroom.

Emergency Boiler Replacement- 2017

Crypt Restoration - 2017

Masonry restoration and stabilization to comply with Americans with Disabiltiies Act, deteriorated brick and rotted wooden tomb door replacements, brick repointing, dehumidification and ventilation system installation, as well as lowering the floor, adding integrated ramps, new entrance, and lighting, and removing walkway and tomb obstructions.


Paul Revere House

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Foundation and Exterior Project - 2016
Original fieldstone foundation repair including removal of crumbling mortar, cleaning and repointing.  Exterior and courtyard façades including hand washing surfaces, scraping peeling paint, filling old nail holes, and repainting.

Wall and Wood Preservation - 2017
Dark kitchen paneling, doorway trim, and stairway treatment application with stain and light wax coating. Worn carpet runner replacement to protect wooden floors to keep the dust level down, which provides a positive impact on wall surfaces and furnishings. First floor interior plaster walls cracks examination and repair and repainting. Second floor best chamber wood paneling, doorways, window trim and beam casings repair, including lightly sanding, cleaning and repainting.  Paneling, door trim and stairway worn surfaces repair including stain and wax treatment. Worn carpet runners replacement to protect wooden floors.​

Electrical Upgrade System - 2018
Electrical panel, meter, and lo ​cal wiring upgrades and improvements to the area where electrical service enters the building, which addresses code compliance and fire safety in the building. Installation of heating mats to keep the new, elevated walkway free of ice and snow making it safe for visitors and staff while eliminating the use of melting agents, which will lengthen ​ the life of the steel walkway, and, ultimately, help preserve the Paul Revere House. 

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

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Ornamental Ironwork Restoration - 2013
Deteriorated cast- and wrought-iron plot fences and drinking fountain repair, including major work to fencing along Charter Street.