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Share a pint as our Freedom Trail Players share the past, bringing to life the beloved social center that was an 18th–century tavern. While not all residents of colonial Boston were allowed to speak at the pivotal meetings, here in the tavern their voices could be heard. Learn how women and African American Bostonians found power and place in this bustling port city. Raise a toast to the common folk in the same place where they discussed their plans for a certain shipment of British East India tea. Visit the headquarters where the American Revolution was really brewed!

Tickets: $50 per person with a minimum cost of $300 (minimum cost includes up to 6 people).   

Must be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance by calling (617) 357-8300 or emailing info@thefreedomtrail.org.



$50 ($300 minimum)
Adult (21+)

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Private, family, or corporate groups (up to 20 people) may request specific tour dates and departure times here or by calling (617) 357-8300. Minimum cost: $300

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The Freedom Trail Historic Pub Crawl begins at Faneuil Hall and goes to three pubs.