Foreign Language - Resources

Freedom Trail – Foreign Language Resources

The Freedom Trail welcomes people from across the Globe to experience Boston's iconic historic gems!

The following is a list of current foreign language resources available along the Trail.

Boston Common Visitor Information Center
(139 Tremont Street. Boston, MA 02111)

Guide books:  Spanish and French
Translations of the Freedom Trail map: Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French
Multi-lingual brochures (limited information): Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese
Apps: Spanish, French and Chinese

National Park Service - Boston National Historical Park
(Faneuil Hall and Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Centers)

Freedom Trail map and guide brochures available to view in Spanish, French, Chinese (simplified) and Portuguese.

Massachusetts State House
The Massachusetts State House offers translated info sheets in most languages.

King’s Chapel
King’s Chapel has translations of a one-page historical overview of the church in Spanish, German, Danish, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese. 

Old South Meeting House & Old State House
Both historic sites offer one-page overviews in Spanish, French,  Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
The Humble Petitioner and Impassioned Destruction exhibits at Old State House are fully translated in Spanish.

Paul Revere House
Paul Revere House has written materials in 11 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Old North Church
Old North Church has written materials as well as a 35-minute audio guide in Spanish.