Distance Learning Resources

The Freedom Trail® and Black Heritage Trail® have plenty of opportunities for everyone to learn and experience Boston’s history remotely.  Freedom Trail official historic sites, the Museum of African American History, and Freedom Trail Foundation provide on-line distance learning resources to bring history into homes. 

From virtual programs to hands-on-activities and contests, on-line exhibits and games, educator resource kits and classroom lesson plans, to an on-line collections catalogue and lectures, webinars and more, Boston’s historic sites are committed to assisting people at home by providing free engaging materials for learners of all ages.

These resources, many aligned with Massachusetts state standards, help teachers and parents teach their students, and are also for those interested in knowing more about Boston’s historic treasures and our country’s history.

Massachusetts State House

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Virtual Tour of the Massachusetts State House
"Visit" the center of the Commonwealth's government for over 200 years.  This virtual tour invites one to explore the State House with 360 degree views and learn stories about the political, civic, and public history of the politicians and citizens of the state of Massachusetts.

Guided Tour of the Massachusetts State House
Tune in to hear the history of the Massachusetts State House - the seat of Massachusetts government since 1798.  State House Tours Division dedicated guides will provide a host of information and images as they unfold the history of the Commonwealth. 

Park Street Church

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Take in the Secrets of Park Street Church virtual tour and learn the hidden history about the 211-year old Church and Boston icon.

Park Street Church Steeple Tour - See the 217-foot steeple - once the first landmark travelers saw when approaching Boston - from the outside in.

King's Chapel

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Explore Our History – New online content, interactive timelines, articles, and digital exhibits digging deeper into King's Chapel's history. Topics include a brief history of the chapel, the history of the church crypt, architectural history, King's Chapel during the American Revolution, and more!

Visit the King's Chapel History Program Blog for up to date blog posts and new online content and resources. ​

King's Chapel History Program – Explore the site's history through new video series and upcoming virtual tours.

Literary King's Chapel online exhibit explores King's Chapel's literary connections through the 18th and 19th centuries.


Old South Meeting House & Old State House - Revolutionary Spaces

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Revolutionary Cards and Descriptions provide an introduction to Bostonians whose experiences were shaped by the American Revolution.

Educator Resources for families and Lesson Plan Kits help open discussions and learn more about the Boston Massacre.

(Former) Bostonian Society Online Collections Catalog - Immerse oneself in objects and manuscripts related to the history of Boston and the Old South Meeting House.

Paul Revere House

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For information on Paul Revere House virtual program offerings, including opportunities to create a custom experience, and to make reservations, please visit the Paul Revere House dedicated programs website.

Resources - Read copies of the exhibit labels used inside the Paul Revere House, watch videos of past lectures presented by Paul Revere House staff members and other experts, explore educational materials available for sale in the museum gift shop.

Listen in to Paul Revere Radio to learn all things about thePaul Revere House in audio form.

Content throughout the Paul Revere House’s website helps you discover the story and legacy of Paul Revere and his family (from the home page click on Historic BuildingsPaul Revere, and The Midnight Ride for articles focusing on each subject).

The Revere Express blog invites readers to learn interesting stories about the Revere family, their North End neighborhood, and life in colonial Boston. 

Old North Church & Historic Site

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For information about Old North Church educational offerings, please visit the Old North Church website or email Emily Spence, Digital Resource & Curricula Manager at espence@oldnorth.com


Bunker Hill Monument & Boston National Historical Park

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Color Your Park – Be creative and make Boston's historic sites your own!  Download and print images of sites within the National Parks of Boston to color and learn at home.

Become a Junior Ranger – Download and complete the steps to become a Boston Junior Ranger at home while learning more about the park.  Mail completed books to:  Boston National Historic Park, 21 Second Avenue, Charlestown, MA 02129 to receive an official Junior Ranger badge.

Climb the Monument – Join a Park Ranger on a journey up the Monument’s 294 steps to the top viewing platform to see breathtaking views of Boston and beyond. Learn about the creation of the Monument and the battles it commemorates.

Fun and Educational Videos – Enjoy and explore the history of Boston National Historical Park and its treasured sites.

USS Constitution & Constitution Museum

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USS Constitution Daily Live Digital Tours 10:00 a.m. daily, a USS Constitution Active Duty Sailor will host a tour of the ship for viewers to learn from and engage with “Old Ironsides” from afar.

USS Constitution Museum has a host of online options to help engage with the stories of the USS Constitution, including educator resources, digital collections, a museum blog, and hands-on activities families can do at home.

New interdisciplinary Educator Resource Kits include primary sources, lesson plans, and at-home activities organized by major themes – Design and Construction, Life at Sea, Meet the Crew, War of 1812, and USS Constitution legacy.

A Sailor’s Life for Me dynamic online game and educator resource allows people of all ages to step into the shoes of an 1812 sailor and take on the tasks and challenges of life at sea, including scrubbing the deck, whacking rats in the hold, and sailing the ship at sea.

“Old Ironsides” Activity Book invites young learners to explore the life of a young sailor on board USS Constitution during the War of 1812 from recruiting to battle to victorious homecoming.

Hands-On Activities give step by step instructions from how to cook a sailor’s meal to keeping a logbook, becoming a navigator to building USS Constitution with LEGO® bricks and more.

Weekly LEGO® Contest Families may participate in the weekly LEGO Ship Shape Competition via Facebook - on Fridays at 12:00 noon ET, with voting continuing until Mondays at 12:00 noon ET (winners will be determined by online voting).

Engagefamilies.org features extensive research and strategies for family engagement for library and museum professionals.

Black Heritage Trail - Museum of African American History

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Online Exhibit details the life and legacy of the Abiel Smith School – the first public school created with the sole purpose of educating black children.

Google Arts and Culture Exhibits invites visitors to take a virtual Black Heritage Trail tour and explore the “Freedom Rising” exhibit, which discusses Bostonian’s fight for Civil Rights from the 1770s to the 1930s.

Freedom Trail Foundation

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Classrooms Live! – invite a historian into your virtual classrooms to help students learn about major Revolutionary-events such as the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre or Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride. The 45-minute program includes an interactive question and answer session.  Schedule a session today.

Guide to Teaching the American Revolution – comprehensive at-home guide for elementary school teachers and parents teaching from home, including articles, primary sources, activities and more.  Invite young learners to see history from different points of view and investigate the difficult choices our forebears struggled to make for themselves and their families.

This Day in History videos provide mini-history lessons for dates of the year by typing in the month and day into the search bar on the Foundation's YouTube page (Please Note: The videos describe American history and may need to be monitored before viewing with families).

Walk Into History® as you listen in to  Vantage Point Audio Magazine’s feature of select portions of a Freedom Trail Foundation 18th-century costumed guide’s tour.  Vantage Point is published by Christian Record Services for the Blind, which strives to help improve the quality of life for legally blind individuals through its many free services.